The real down feather comforters available by Pinzon through Amazon are called Pyrenees. This name actually refers to the filling used in the blankets.

This same material can actually be found inside competitor products from companies like Pacific Coast, although Pinzon by Amazon seems to offer one of the most affordable products for consumers.

Not only is it affordable, but it is actually a high quality product made by the same company that manufactures comforters for other brands.

On top of that, these items from Pinzon use a patented PermaBaffle technology that holds fill material in place. It even allows people to care for their real feather comforter in a washer and dryer at home instead of dry cleaning that is necessary for most other blankets like these.

White Goose Down vs White Down
Many products on the market use labeling that can be unclear or vague. In particular with Pyrenees items, some are called white goose and others are just called white.

There are regulations in place that control the words that brands can use on their labels for these types of items. Those labeled as goose are required to have a minimum percentage of real goose down feathers (90%), while the white down can actually be a lower percentage of real feathers (75% is common) mixed with synthetic fibers.

White goose down will always be more expensive than white down, simply because it is expensive to harvest the real feathers. However, this is the comforter you’ll want to buy if you’re looking for a genuine down blanket.

What is Pyrenees?
Down comforter products are often labeled as a particular type of down, but the average consumer often does not understand these labels because they use unfamiliar terms that specifically relate to this industry.

Pyrenees down is one of these often misunderstood fill materials used in various bedding goods, including blankets, pillows, duvets and more.

Most of the real feathers used in bedding sets these days comes from geese, so pyrenees is goose down. However, there are other types of goose feathers, so what exactly is it?

The name actually refers to the geographic location where the birds live or originate – the Pyrenees Mountains between the countries of France and Spain.

Most feathers are no longer farmed from wild birds, except for Eider, so this material likely comes from farms of domesticated geese in that region. When a goose is nesting, it will molt premium down feathers that are harvested. The result from Pyrenees geese is a down with a fill power of 550 to 600.

This material is commonly used in down comforters, pillows, and duvets, but it isn’t exclusive to a single company or brand – many of them actually utilize this same fill material.

For comforters containing Pyrenees down besides Pinzon, take a look at Pacific Coast.

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