The #1 brand for down bedding in the USA is Pacific Coast. They have actually been making comforters, pillows and beds since 1884!

A number of things make Pacific Coast a unique brand and a top choice for consumers:

  • Experience – After more than 129 years of making down products, they’ve perfected and continually modernized their goods.
  • Dedication – They are the only company dedicated to down and feather products and nothing else.
  • Innovation – Numerous patents and trademarks are owned by Pacific Coast for their many advancements in down bedding.
  • Satisfaction – Their “30 Night Comfort Guarantee” promises your complete satisfaction or you’ll receive a full refund. They also include a 10 year warranty, which shows the ultimate quality behind their products.

Barrier Weave

One of the aspects of Pacific Coast comforters that makes them so popular is their Barrier Weave technology. This feature is actually designed to make their comforters leak-proof from down feathers escaping, which is actually a very common problem among down comforters from other brands.

The secret is a tightly woven Egyptian fabric that also has a barrier seal to make it impenetrable to the down feather quills. The result is a long-lasting comforter that exceeds the expectations of most customers.

Recommended Products
There are many different down comforters available from Pacific Coast, especially since this is the only industry they do. However, specific products are packed with particular features at affordable prices that make them ideal for most home users.

Take a look below at some of our recommendations for Pacific Coast.

Pacific Coast Comforters
 Product Summary

Sale Price: $139.94
(as of 12/02/2021 23:14 PST - Details)
Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter - Full/Queen 90" x 98"
Turn down your thermostat, save energy and cuddle up with the Pacific Coast® Luxury Down Comforter. Pacific Coast® searched the world to bring you exceptional and rare Pyrenees Down from the renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France. 650 fill power Hyperclean® Pyrenees Down means larger, fluffier clusters that provide extraordinary insulation. True Baffle Box design and patented Comfort Lock® border allow the down inside to fully loft while minimizing shifting. 420 thread count Egyptian cotton Barrier WeaveTM fabric is soft, durable and prevents the down from sneaking out. Save up to 15%: Choose your warmth level and save up to 15% while you sleep. Down's cozy insulating warmth means you can comfortably turn down the thermostat. Savings based on decreasing your thermostat 5 degrees with 3% savings for each 1 degree decreased. Level of Warmth: Year Round Warmth - Provides cozy comfort in every season and most climates.

Sale Price: $178.39
(as of 12/02/2021 20:09 PST - Details)
Pacific Coast Feather Lightweight Warmth Down Comforter - Queen
Pacific Coast Light Warmth Down Comforter. Pacific Coast Light Warmth down comforter offers light warmth and comfort while maintaining a fluffy, inviting appearance. Ideal for warmer climates or those who need less warmth! A true baffle box design, with attractive three-sided Comfort Lock border that prevents shifting. 300 thread count 100% Cotton Barrier Weave fabric; 550 fill power HyperClean duck down. Sizes: Twin: 86" L x 64" W x 1.5" H; 4.2 lbs. Full / Queen: 90" L x 88" W x 1.5" H; 5.8 lbs. King: 90" L x 104" W x 1.5" H; 6.6 lbs.

Sale Price: $199.89
(as of 12/02/2021 20:09 PST - Details)
Pacific Coast Feather Medium Warmth Down Comforter - King
Size: King Features: -Material: 100% Cotton.-300 Thread count.-550 Fill power duck down.-True baffle box design.-Corner duvet loops. Color/Finish: -Color: White. Dimensions: -Twin: 64'' W x 86'' D, 4.52 lbs.-Full / Queen: 88'' W x 90'' D, 5.89 lbs.-King: 104'' W x 89'' D, 6.81 lbs.