A major producer and distributor of a wide variety of household goods including down comforters is the Sweedish-based Ikea. They are well known for selling their assemble-at-home goods through their catalog, although they can also be purchased online or through specialty Ikea retail stores.

Ikea Comforters
The latest line of Ikea down comforter models includes the SÖTVEDEL, HÖNSBÄR and BLEKVIDE. These have replaced earlier models, and the majority of them offer the same levels of fill material.

Ikea used to offer three styles of down comforters: the MYSA RÖNN, MYSA VETE and MYSA ROSENGLIM. All three of these are now discontinued, but they have all be replaced by new models. All three could be considered to be affordable blankets, but some use different fill powers and materials to achieve different prices made to fit any budget. RÖNN is definitely the most budget-friendly of the three.

The ROSENGLIM uses a higher fill power down for a warmer comforter that is also lightweight, although this is also one of their more expensive items of this group. However, the higher fill powers are often not ideal for those living in the USA because of the warmer climate.

Although these comforters are certainly not the most expensive on the market, they are definitely a viable and acceptable option for those looking for this type of product without a lot of money to spend. Many people actually like the simplified warmth level, and find that it offers a wider variety of temperature usage with the different warmth levels.

Down Fill
The exact fill material of Ikea comforters varies from one type to the next. Instead of using goose down, these are actually duck down and duck feather based products.

The RÖNN contains 15% duck down and 85% duck feathers. The HONSBAR contains 10% duck down. VETE and SOTVEDEL comforters contain 75% duck down and 25% duck feathers, while the ROSENGLIM and BLEKVIDE uses 90% duck down.

Warmth Rate
Each Ikea comforter comes in a variety of warmth rates for those with difference sleeping preferences and even those that live in different climates. In an attempt to simplify selection of these products for customers, Ikea simply assigns a warmth rating to each of their products. This rating is a number ranging from 1 to 6, with 1 being the coolest and 6 being the warmest.

Comforter Care
Ikea down comforters state that they can be machine washed in hot water but with a third of the normal detergent amount. They can also be dried in a home dryer on the tumble setting at normal heat. However, they should not be ironed or bleached. The same is often true for any down-based item.

If you’re interested in a discounted Ikea down comforter, take a look below at their available products for more info.


The Honsbar contains the least amount of down fill material compared with the other models, but this actually has advantages in numerous areas. It keeps the comforter more affordable and also ensures that it is cooler, making it an excellent choice for those that are hot when they sleep or live warm climates. This is the replacement product for the discontinued Ikea Mysa Ronn. While the amount of down has been reduced in the new model, the outer layer is much better than before and can be washed up to 140° to kill dust mites.


With less filling and a lower price tag, the RONN comforter is ideal for the budget-minded that also prefer a lighter cover at night. This model is no longer available and has been replaced by the Honsbar. Check availability on Amazon.


Out of all of Ikea’s products, the Sotvedel is the best suited for most people. It offers an excellent combination of quality at an affordable price. It has a slightly less down to feather ratio than the Blekvide, which is the most expensive, but it is considerably more down than the Honsbar. This gives you an excellent comforter without breaking the bank. It’s also not as warm as the Blekvide but still lightweight, so it is ideal for people that want something really comfortable that will still stay cool.


The Vete is the old, mid-level model. However, this has also been discontinued. If you’ve owned this in the past and are looking to buy a new one, consider the Sotvedel, which is the new model of this product. The filling for both are identical.


For a warm and yet lightweight comforter, the Blekvide is a perfect choice. This contains the higher proportion of down, which makes it soft and fluffy – like cuddling up with a cloud. Even though this is their most expensive model, it is also the most comfortable. However, if you get hot at night when you’re sleeping, this may not be the best for you.


The Rosenglim is another discontinued model, and it has been replaced by the Blekvide. The new model contains the exact same proportions of down, but the quality of the material that holds it all together has been increased while the price has dropped.

Ikea Down Comforters Comparison
Honsbar Sotvedel Blekvide
Thread Count 252 252 336
Filling Weight 29 oz / 820 g 25 oz / 700 g 26 oz / 745 g
Total Weight 80 oz / 2260 g 82 oz / 2330 g 87 oz / 2470 g
Filling Material 10% duck down
90% duck feathers
75% duck down
25% duck feathers
90% duck down
10% duck feathers
Thin Comforter Insert for Duvet Covers

The Myskgras is NOT actually a down-filled comforter. In fact, it’s technically not actually a comforter at all, but it is worth mentioning because of it’s popularity. This is a comforter insert that is meant to be put inside of a duvet cover (cover not included). It is extremely thin and lightweight. While some people perceive this as a cheap comforter, it’s great for those that understand it’s real purpose – not to mention it’s insanely low price.

For anyone that finds a down comforter to be too hot, this can be used inside of a duvet cover to make an excellent blanket that is both light and stays cool. Many married couples have differing sleeping preferences and may need separate blankets to sleep comfortably. If you roast at night while your partner is happy being warm and cozy, the Myskgras with a duvet cover could be the perfect solution.

General Information for Ikea Down Comforters

Key features

  • A cool, lightweight feather/down filled comforter for those who often feel warm and prefer a cool comforter.
  • Filling with a large portion of feathers adds resilience and transports moisture away.
  • Cover of cotton breathes and helps keep the comforter dry.

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash ,hot 140°F (60°C).
  • Use 1/3 of the normal amount of detergent when washing.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry, normal.
  • Do not iron.
  • Dryclean, normal cycle.

Product Details

  • Outer fabric: 100 % cotton
  • Filling material: duck feathers & duck down
  • Panel stitched; keeps the filling in place.
  • Thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the more densely woven the fabric.

Twin Dimensions & Weights

  • Length: 86″ / 218 cm
  • Width: 64″ / 162 cm

Full / Queen Dimensions & Weights

  • Length: 86″ / 218 cm
  • Width: 86″ / 218 cm

King Dimensions & Weights

  • Length: 86″ / 218 cm
  • Width: 102″ / 259 cm