Millions of Americans have allergy sensitivities all day long while they are out in the world, so the last thing that they want is to still have that same problem when they are laying in bed try to get a good night of sleep.

Unfortunately, real down feather filled comforters, pillows and duvet covers can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. There is a solution for this problem, but first it is important to understand why people may have an allergic reaction to these products.

Am I Really Allergic to Down Feathers?
There is a lot of misconception about this particular subject. The truth is that bird feather allergies are extremely rare. So, why do some people really have sensitivities to these items?

The answer is not the down itself but what is actually on and inside of the down. A variety of microscopic particles that are known allergens can actually exist on real down when it is removed from a bird.

This could be things like dust, mold, bird dander, dust mites, and even bacteria, and these things sound much more like the culprit than a feather.

Can I Never Use Down?
hypoallergenicSome people with sensitivities to these products may have simply been using the wrong kind. There are actually real down comforters that are hypoallergenic – the difference is how the feathers are processed and cleaned.

Some companies will quickly clean their down, while others will put it through a rigorous sterilization process to kill everything and get rid of the materials that cause potentially cause the allergies.

If you would like to get a real down comforter, just make sure you buy one that is labeled as hypoallergenic down to ensure that the fill has been thoroughly cleaned.

What Other Alternatives Do I Have?

In addition to real down that has been sterilized to be hypoallergenic, you also have the option of using a down alternative filled comforter. These alternative materials are actually synthetic fibers that are designed to have the same properties as real down.

For severe allergy sufferers, the synthetic alternatives may be the best way to go because these materials will be completely sterile since they are manufactured in a lab.

Besides being a hypoallergenic down alternative, synthetic fill materials like PrimaLoft actually offer the same advantages as real down but without many of the downsides.

You can find more information about this synthetic fiber on our Pinzon PrimaLoft page.