Just like any other product being sold, there are plenty of concerns or problems that people have had with down comforters.

The key to avoiding issues of your own is to learn about the potential problems before you decide which one to buy instead of after!

A comforter, especially one filled with real down feathers, tends to have a very specific list of troubles that consumers have experienced.

We have put together a number of helpful pages for you that will educate you on these matters so you can figure out what kind of comforter will work best for you and your particular needs.


One of the most common complaints about down comforters is shifting or clumping feathers. Stitching design and even care habits can be the main culprits of this flaw. However, this doesn’t have to be a major issue if you simply learn why this happens and select the correct product that overcomes the problem. Read More»


Another issue is feathers leaking out of the comforter, even when it isn’t ripped or torn anywhere. This actually occurs because of the quill on the feather getting between the fibers, which then allows the entire thing to slip out. Find out which products do not have this problem and learn more about the ones that do. Read More»


Can you wash these products in a standard washer and dryer at home? How to clean down properly is a major aspects to owning one of these comforters. Incorrect care of specific types can actually result in permanent damage.

Different kinds have different care requirements, and some cannot be washed at all, so it is extremely important to learn about these things before making a final decision to buy one for yourself. Read More»


These blankets are great for colder environments and especially for the fall and winter seasons, but many people worry that they will be too hot in the summer months. There are actually a variety of products on the market that will work for any situation.

Depending on where you live, it is essential to learn more about the thermal insulation properties to be able to pick the right one for you. Some comforters will work great year round while others may be lightweight or heavyweight, which would obviously be designed for specific purposes. Read More»


Allergies are a major concern for millions of Americans and many others worldwide. Adults or even children that have bad allergy problems are often very hesitant to try these blankets. Some people may be fine using particular types of down while they are allergic to others.

If you have any allergy concerns, it is important that you read this to find out more about this issue. There are definitely product choices for even the most allergy sensitive of people. Read More»