One of the best selling down comforters on Amazon is actually a white goose down alternative from the Chezmoi Collection.

Even though Chezmoi is a budget bedding brand, their products are still high quality, which is why they are so popular in addition to the very affordable price.

What makes these comforters so appealing is that they have not cut corners when it comes to the features that really matter.

Usually when you buy a really cheap product, you expect less from it. However, this really doesn’t seem the case with their comforters – they’re extremely comfortable and have the feel of a luxury brand. In particular, the outer material that you’ll feel all the time is 100% polyester. People that are generally picky about the feel often prefer this over cotton or a cotton blend.

Duvet Covers
The vast majority of cheap comforters lack features that let you anchor a duvet cover, but Chezmoi didn’t skimp out here either. It has four tabs on the corners and also a piped edging design for just that.

Warmth Rate
Everyone has difference preferences when they sleep. Those that like to stay cool need a blanket that is thinner and has less fill material, while those that want to be warm and cozy will generally prefer a heavyweight comforter. Other factors to consider include the climate where you live and also what temperature you keep your thermostat.

Most people that prefer down like the feeling of sleeping wrapped up in a cloud, but not everyone appreciates the heat that comes with it. However, Chezmoi offers both a lightweight and a heavyweight version of their down alternative comforter, so you can simply choose the one that will be the most comfortable for your sleeping habits.

Washing / Comforter Care
As with most down or down alternative comforters, you will want to be careful when washing. Unfortunately, nearly all of them can have bunched up fill material after multiple washes, so do try to only wash it when necessary or expect it to degrade over time. Only wash with cold water, and if you need to put it in the dryer, use a low tumble dry setting or else dry it outside in the sun.

These blankets do have an advantage in that the fill material is box stitched to the cover, so it does help to prevent drastic shifting. However, you can still see some bunching within those boxes over time, but most people that have used down before are well aware of these limitations.

The biggest reason clumping happens is poor maintenance though. In fact, taking proper care of one of these can actually make it more comforter over time!

A recommended method of cleaning is to alternate cold water washes with dry cleaning. You can then clean it yourself or have it cleaned roughly once a month.

Another highly recommended tip for either method of cleaning – DO NOT let the comforter stay in the dryer after the cycle has finished. As soon as it is finished, take it out and lay it out on the bed – most people report zero clumping with this method.

The size dimensions available are fairly standard for bedding, but you should also consider the exact kind of bed that you own. Think about whether you have a standard mattress or more. Certain things such as foam mattress toppers and even built-in pillow tops can cause your mattress to be taller than what is normal – if this is the case, you may want to consider a size larger than your mattress size.

Chezmoi Collection down comforters come in these sizes:

  • Twin – 64″ x 88″
  • Queen / Full – 88″ x 88″
  • King – 102″ x 90″

Down vs Alternative
What exactly is the difference between real down and an alternative fill material? The basic difference is that real down comes from a bird and other alternatives are natural (plant based) or synthetic materials.

Ultimately, real down costs much more than alternatives, even though they are designed to have a very similar feel. In the end, the real thing will be much warmer, but this can actually be a downside for most people that don’t like to be hot while they sleep.

The Chezmoi comforters all use an alternative fill material that mimics real down feathers, so you get the comfort of the real thing without the price tag. Another major advantage to alternatives is that they are 100% hypoallergenic. Chezmoi uses an allergy-free polyester fiber for their fill material.

Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter
The most popular option is the lightweight comforter because most people find that they are able to use it all year instead of just pulling it out for the cold winter months. In particular, this one is highly recommended for anyone that does NOT like to be hot while they sleep and for those that live in areas with mild winters.
Heavyweight Down Alternative Comforter
If you love being warm and cozy while you sleep or if you live in a particularly cold climate, you’ll likely want their bedding with a higher fill weight. These heavyweight comforters are basically the same thing as the lightweight, except more of the filling is stuffed into the same amount of space. They have approximately 50% more filling compared with the lighter version of the same size, so they’ll be considerably warmer.