Before you can actually buy a down comforter, there are really a number of things that you need to learn about so you can make an educated decision when it comes to selecting the right product for your needs.

This buying guide has been put together to help you with that decision making process by providing you with reliable information in one location.

Most people research products before they purchase them, but this process is more important with down comforters than it is with many other goods. Browse through our topics below to get started.


Just like beds, comforters are sold in different sizes. If you already own a bed, you likely know what size you need to buy. However, if you have not yet bought a bed or need to figure out what size you already own, this guide is the first step in the decision making process.

It is important not to go by dimensions alone. Different bed sizes require accessories of various sizes, so we have provided you with a size chart to help you figure out what you need.Read More»


Down feathers are rated based on their fill power, which is a number presented to the consumer. This number represents how much space an ounce of down occupies. Higher fill numbers results in better thermal insulation and comfort.

Use our fill power chart as a guide to figure out what these numbers really mean so you can figure out what comforter is best for you. Most people assume that a higher number is best, but this is definitely not always true. Different people have different needs, so be sure to make this your second stop to learn.Read More»

thread count

Another important but often confusing aspect about comforters or other bedding products like sheets is the thread count. This is actually the number of threads of material in a square inch of the product, both horizontally and vertically.

This count is intended to measure fabric quality, with higher numbers being higher quality material and often more comfortable. However, some companies have been able to artificially inflate their numbers, so it is important to learn more about this before you buy.Read More»


Most people like to decorate their homes and will often give each room a particular theme. When they are shopping for bedding goods like down comforters, they may be searching for a specific color.

White is the most common color to find, although a wide variety of other colors are actually available. In general, if you are searching for something besides white, you may need to be willing to sacrifice a brand preference to get your desired color.Read More»

synthetic fiber

In recent years, a new type of down comforter has been made available to consumers – alternative down. What exactly is the filling for these products, and when might you need to consider one of them instead of traditional down?

Whether you end up getting a down alternative or the real thing, it is important to have knowledge on this subject before you make a final choice. There are a number of reasons why someone might want this type of product, despite the fact that it can often be cheaper than real down.Read More»