In every industry, including down comforters and other bedding items, there are many different companies and brand names competing for business.

While competition provides the consumer with a wide variety of choices, options, and price points for the same type of product, it also creates a lot of confusion.

Most brands exist to address the needs of a specific demographic, so the average person just needs to figure out which brand to explore when they are shopping for a particular type of product.

We have reviewed and researched a few of the most popular down comforter brands to provide you with this information in one location so you can easily make a decision.

We have also featured actual products for each of these companies to help you. The products can be purchased online, often at prices lower than in retail stores (even after shipping fees).

Down comforter from Pinzon by Amazon has their own private label brand called Pinzon. Their product line includes mostly household, personal care and beauty products.

Pinzon products are only available by purchasing them online through Amazon, which gives them a unique competitive advantage in this market. Since they do not run brick-and-mortar retail stores, their overhead costs are significantly lower than other brands, which translates into lower prices for consumers.

Even though Pinzon prices are very affordable, do not be deceived and instantly think that their product quality is poor. In fact, they offer excellent products that are manufactured by the same companies that make products for other quality brands.

Pinzon features two different types of down comforters called PrimaLoft and Pyrenees. A page is available here to discuss each of these and direct you to Amazon to purchase them, if you decide that one is right for you. Read More»

Ikea brand down comforter

The Sweedish company Ikea is a major producer of household products and among the leading furniture retailers in the entire world. Their products are sold through their catalogue, online, and in Ikea retail stores and are often assembled at home by the consumer.

They are known for selling discount products. The quality of their goods obviously suffers from their lower prices, but for those on a very tight budget, Ikea can offer one of the cheapest down comforters on the market. Read More»

Pacific Coast Luxury Down

A higher quality down comforter brand is Pacific Coast Feather Company. They were given an award for the Best Down Comforter in 2010 by Good Housekeeping.

The obvious downside to their higher product quality is also a higher price, although they are still very reasonable. In particular, Pacific Coast is known for making a down comforter that doesn’t leak feathers – a very popular product.

Even though many people have not heard of Pacific Coast, they are actually the leading producer of bedding accessories in the United States. Besides using their own name to sell their products, other familiar brands like Dockers, Eddie Bauer and Sealy also sell their products.Read More»

Among the most popular brands for affordable, alternative down bedding is the Chezmoi Collection. Budget products often get a bad reputation from using low quality materials, but these Chezmoi comforters are extremely popular and have high ratings because they have not cheaped out in the areas that really matter. Their product line even includes both light and heavyweight blankets, so they are a great choice for any sleeping habits or climates. Read More ยป